Ferry [noun]

Definition of Ferry:

transportation boat

Synonyms of Ferry:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ferry:


Sentence/Example of Ferry:

A free, privately owned ferry service at the Port of Cave-In-Rock, continuously operated since the early 1800s, carries roughly 500 vehicles across the river every day.

We have seen vaccine go out on helicopters, plans, cars dog sleds, and ferry.

The adenovirus ferries instructions for making the coronavirus’s spike protein into human cells.

Irish customs authorities on Thursday night announced a temporary easing of customs requirements for goods arriving on ferries from Britain, to get freight moving again.

Crossing the river on a ferry, Lawrence and his escort mounted their horses and started for Platte City, but a few miles away.

Lee's army is sweeping victoriously through Maryland; Harper's Ferry taken with ten thousand prisoners.

It finally plunged sharply down to a steamboat ferry, over which we crossed the Dart and landed directly in the town.

Leaving the city, we crossed Southampton Water on a steam ferry which was guided by a chain stretched from bank to bank.

The original bridge across the Medway to Strood probably dates from the Roman period, taking the place of a ferry.

It was a moment before they realized that of the several lines of ferry-boats none appeared to be running.