Withhold [verb]

Definition of Withhold:

keep back

Synonyms of Withhold:

Opposite/Antonyms of Withhold:

Sentence/Example of Withhold:

They are in the hand of God—in his hand to give or to withhold.

Withhold not Thy countenance from the tears and beseechings of the woebegone.

I don't care to withhold this from you, kind and trusted Sir.

How poor to withhold from you your books, your jewels, and your money!

Why should he take pains to persuade his mother to a consent which she had no right to withhold?

You may tell my story or you may withhold it at your pleasure.

And with them came the protest that she was also powerless to withhold.

But he had an alibi all the time, my child; an unanswerable alibi which he preferred to withhold.

Her love and forgiveness are benedictions she cannot withhold nor you escape.

I could not withhold my admiration for Ellenora's cleverness.