Reveal [verb]

Definition of Reveal:

disclose, tell

Opposite/Antonyms of Reveal:

Sentence/Example of Reveal:

There, I thought I'd reveal the distressing truth about myself while I had you at my mercy.

If it reveal nothing to be done, there is nothing there for us.

The way seemed to reveal itself to her as they went, and they were soon at home.

If I be so, I am a traitor to the king should I reveal his secret.

Now, Your Majesty, let me reveal to you the meaning of this mystery.

For what are the forms by means of which a man may reveal his thoughts?

I do not ask him to reveal to me the demonstrations of Euclid.

No polishing of sandstone will reveal the mottling of marble.

For a moment I hesitated, realizing full well what an inquiry might reveal.

Perhaps his wicked agent may come at the intelligence, and reveal it to him.