Secrete [verb]

Definition of Secrete:

hide; hide away or cache; produce and release a substance into an organism

Synonyms of Secrete:

Opposite/Antonyms of Secrete:

Sentence/Example of Secrete:

Then give up to us the seditious papers which you secrete in your house.

But when it has been milked two or three times it ceases to secrete.

But the frere brake his faste in a secrete place in the same house.

De Spain drew quickly back to where he could secrete himself.

You can hardly find them by day, for they are cunning and secrete themselves.

Should he return for help, or should he secrete himself somewhere and watch?

Why should she secrete it with such care unless it conveyed a lover's assurance?

It will be easy after that to secrete both the horse and his trappings.

I think I will manage to secrete myself in that hangar to-morrow morning.

During that time we shall be able to seek Lygia unhindered and secrete her in safety.