Harbor [noun]

Definition of Harbor:

place for storing boats in the water

Synonyms of Harbor:

Opposite/Antonyms of Harbor:


Sentence/Example of Harbor:

This he did, erecting at the harbor a beautiful cross bearing the arms of France.

Whenever he heard of one coming into harbor, he hastened to the shore, and closely watched the disembarking.

She had all her life long been accustomed to harbor thoughts and emotions which never voiced themselves.

Some time this summer we are going to get up a nice crowd and sail as far as Bar Harbor—maybe.

A crowd watched the ship towed, for safe-keeping, under the guns of the Romney in the harbor.

Throwing the tea into the harbor raised a sharp sense of resentment in the minds of Britons.

The harbor is one of the best and affords safe anchorage for the largest ocean-going vessels.

The houses rise in terraces up the sharp hillside fronting the harbor, which was literally a forest of fishing-boat masts.

Viewed from the harbor, the town presents a striking picture, and the most remarkable feature is the great colosseum on the hill.

But here, as at Pevensey, the sea receded several miles, destroying Winchelsea's harbor.