Dock [noun]

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San Diego–based Mesa Biotech, for instance, received RADx funding to manufacture a PCR test that replaces an entire clinical lab with a handheld dock and a single-use cartridge.

With the Talis test, samples are placed in a cassette, popped into a specialized dock, and analyzed in just 30 minutes.

Charge several devices, listen to music, connect to the internet when there’s no Wi-Fi, and protect your dock with security lock support.

Further, researchers use supercomputers to figure out by simulation the different shapes formed by the target binding sites and then virtually dock compounds to each shape.

So we went behind the building in the loading dock, all of us got really high.

It takes a real person to drive that food and have it show up at your loading dock.

William Kidd with others executed at Execution dock, London, for piracy.

It was no new region to me, nor was I ignorant of the specified drinking den on the dock to which I had been directed.

It was a peculiar, narrow little dock, completely rock-bound, except for the passage leading into it.

It was a head such as one may see in the dock at certain criminal trials that are held with closed doors.