Slip [noun]

Definition of Slip:

error, goof

Synonyms of Slip:

Opposite/Antonyms of Slip:

Sentence/Example of Slip:

Fouts, with a slip of paper in his hand, beckoned him from the door of his private office.

A slip of blue paper fluttered to the floor as she unfolded it.

Give her the stick, Nora, or maybe she'll slip on the big stones.

After that she must pin it on, and slip in to stand before his mirror and inspect the result.

He could slip in the trail and break twigs so that Pawnees could read.

I will take the tickets, and slip in yours into your hand as I pass you.

Men cannot slip out of du--out of quarrels as they may out of coats.

"You may have known me as Ahmed Antoun," said the wretch, not dreaming of that slip he had made.

Is there a back door where we can dash out and give them the slip?

"I'll slip into the tent and put you up somethin' for your breakfast and luncheon," she said.