Misdeed [noun]

Definition of Misdeed:


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Sentence/Example of Misdeed:

And for that misdeed now I ensure you but death, for well have ye deserved it.

The perpetrator of the misdeed embarks on his career of defilement early.

Also, a blow or correction, as "you'll knap it," for some misdeed.

They asked if Grettir had done this misdeed; but he said it had happened even as he had expected.

Therefore, someone must have discovered the misdeed and he was being cared for.

And thus he had but little joy of the woman he had won by misdeed.

She stood condemned by all the evil likely to ensue from her misdeed.

Had he not atoned for that misdeed through years of suffering?

The discrepancy would be too great between the misdeed and the punishment.

Renaud has been banished from Godfrey's camp for the misdeed of another, whom he will not betray.