Infringement [noun]

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Weber said the game’s rosters will be composed of players with randomly generated names, numbers and attributes, thereby avoiding potential infringement on any current players’ name, image or likeness rights.

Under pressure from governments and consumers over data privacy infringement concerns, Google a year ago said it will disable third-party cookies by 2022 in its Chrome browser, which is used by more than 60% of the world’s web users.

The 10%-of-revenues maximum fine for infringements will be accompanied by “periodic penalty payments” of 5% of global revenues, if companies continue misbehaving.

Peloton Interactive on Thursday was sued for patent infringement by Icon Health & Fitness, the maker of the NordicTrack bike, escalating the legal tussle between the two fitness equipment giants.

The infringement of an invention is in effect an admission of utility, because use implies utility.

The Stationers' Company of London quickly seized his press and declared that his attempt was an infringement of their rights.

He regarded the tax as an infringement of constitutional liberty, and rejoiced that the Americans had resisted it.

If all men who set the example of forcible infringement of law are criminals, Gracchus was a criminal.

The slightest infringement of discipline was punished with cells.

It has even to be carried about (the most complete conceivable infringement of its liberty) until it can walk.