Transgression [noun]

Definition of Transgression:

violation, misbehavior

Synonyms of Transgression:

Opposite/Antonyms of Transgression:

Sentence/Example of Transgression:

Unbelief was also a probable concomitant in this transgression.

Your transgression will be forgiven you since you have confessed and testify your horror for it.

I will show them wherein they have erred, and that transgression stands in the way to life.

Marianne, recognizing how serious was the transgression, wished to scold him.

His transgression had destroyed his faith, and then dogma had tottered.

Whereby he expected at any rate to minimise the transgression of orders.

Disobedience Godward and transgression manward can give no excuse.

She was the first in the transgression therefore keep her in subjection.

Do not, I pray you, blame yourself so cruelly for my transgression, if it indeed be one.

Food and drink and the poor rags that Adam's transgression enforces on us.