Disobedience [noun]

Definition of Disobedience:

misbehavior; noncompliance with rules

Opposite/Antonyms of Disobedience:

Sentence/Example of Disobedience:

Yes, the drinking and disobedience had gone too far and I needed an intervention.

When top leaders themselves disagree with each other on policy priorities, subordinates gain more leeway to exercise strategic disobedience or “buck-passing” – shirking their responsibilities in pollution control.

While arrests have increased as protesters have sought to use civil disobedience to make a point, the arrests often are planned and choreographed.

Beyond protests and civil disobedience, we are lobbying political leaders for climate action.

They’re engaging in their own version of civil disobedience — showing that they’re the thin blue line and that without them there will be chaos.

The Bay Area is no stranger to civil disobedience and demonstration.

He stared at his men, astonished and impatient at this strange disobedience.

His disobedience is not as if that requirement were inconsistent with his natural powers, but as opposed by their tendency.

From the stories of Jonah and King Saul she brought forth some excellent lessons on disobedience.

Their resistance consisted of disobedience of the orders of the Government, even to the extent of suffering death at their hands.