Stubbornness [noun]

Definition of Stubbornness:


Synonyms of Stubbornness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stubbornness:

Sentence/Example of Stubbornness:

So, thanks to your own stubbornness, you have nobody that will receive you but your uncle Antony.

The stubbornness of the troops, the stubbornness of General Thomas saved the day.

"That's my hoss by right," said the negro, with a trace of stubbornness in his tone.

On week days she would toil with the stubbornness of an animal.

With the stubbornness of despair, he had taken her in his arms.

Crawford had inherited a portion of his father's stubbornness; he was determined, she knew.

It was Jason's own stubbornness that was wearing Johnson down.

"I am not obliged to say," she answered, with a stubbornness equal to his own, whatever that might prove.

Well, 'Duke is a liberal-hearted fellow, with all his stubbornness.

For it is not always laziness or stubbornness that makes them different.