Pertinacity [noun]

Definition of Pertinacity:


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Sentence/Example of Pertinacity:

But that mild and meek man had a certain strength of pertinacity.

But she shook her head and rose—angry, which she hid, but also amused at his pertinacity.

I think I've shown that by my pertinacity in hunting you down.

But the pertinacity of that brass-bound Paul Pry was astonishing.

"I believe not," said Helen, smiling at the pertinacity of his curiosity.

Theirs was a callous, abominable, almost revolting, pertinacity.

By pertinacity and vanity in lying, she hit the mark at last.

"Divil a taste," said Barny, with inimitable composure and pertinacity.

Perth objected to changing his clothing with a pertinacity which provoked the boatswain.

Even Grace was disturbed and perplexed by her daughter's pertinacity.