Tenacity [noun]

Definition of Tenacity:

diligence, stubbornness

Opposite/Antonyms of Tenacity:

Sentence/Example of Tenacity:

She clung to appearances with a tenacity that nothing could shake.

The tenacity of this straw makes it very valuable for such purposes.

I was somewhat irritated at the tenacity of this amiable diplomatist.

Here was a combination of the tenacity of steel with much of the flexibility of rope.

"Yet it is evidence of a kind," insisted Carruthers, with the tenacity of a bull-dog.

I am the more struck with this tenacity, when I see its work.

But for all that, the pluck and tenacity of Ulstermen are undeniable.

He proved his tenacity, his mastery of men, and the greatness of his resolution and daring.

They had no religious creed to which they adhered with any tenacity.

There is one peculiar thing, that tenacity varies with the form of the body.