Cowardice [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Cowardice:

It is just one story of many of those whose lives were endangered at the Capitol by the lies, threats, and violence fanned by the cowardice of people who chose personal gain above democracy.

The cowardice of Rob Portman has done more damage to the Republican Party — and the republic — than the craziness of Marjorie Taylor Greene.

In other words, it was evolution rather than cowardice that made me hold back energy for a sprint.

What is surprising is that New England coach Bill Belichick — widely considered the best coach of his generation, and perhaps the best ever — leads the way in playoff cowardice.

Admiral Byng was afterwards shot in England, on an unjust charge of cowardice in this affair.

Death, to do him justice, he had met with none of the cowardice he had vaunted, and consistently with his arid cynical soul.

All that a man could offer, who did not wish to be suspected of rank cowardice, he offered without reservation.

Cowardice prompted him to remain silent, and something which defied silence prompted him at last to talk.

It is not for weak beings, who enter into a composition with guilt, and cover selfishness and cowardice with the name of prudence.

Here Lawrence turned Captain Jackson over, charging him with disgraceful cowardice.