Fear [noun]

Definition of Fear:

alarm, apprehension

Opposite/Antonyms of Fear:

Sentence/Example of Fear:

Others voice fear that their taxes would be raised under Biden.

There’s a palpable fear among Democrats that voters will blame them on Election Day should they appear to be putting their own re-elections ahead of what’s good for Americans.

She was asked by senior Pence aides, she said, to help on an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal that minimized the fears of a second coronavirus wave and touted the administration’s work on the virus as a success story.

Cleopatra and Toliver conquer obstacles and fears under Bell’s tutelage and draw connections between the trail and life.

That might seem tangential to solving your back pain, but the truth is that a large part of overcoming that discomfort is about overcoming the fear of being in pain.

Market shock, when driven by the sort of cultural awakening to risk that Keenan observes, can strike a neighborhood like an infectious disease, with fear spreading doubt — and devaluation — from door to door.

Her fears become reality when they encounter a mysterious family outside their house and are forced to fight for their lives.

Taking it a step further and including the objective in the contract can remove any fear they still have.

Juries awarded such large payouts to several parents whose infants were injured by the pertussis vaccine that drug companies ceased production for fear of further litigation.

The fear of another stock plunge, and the impact on business, could be why high-income Americans are the least supportive of another lockdown.