Fright [noun]

Definition of Fright:

extreme apprehension

Synonyms of Fright:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fright:

Sentence/Example of Fright:

Much of the heavy lifting for frights is done by the environments, especially in the world of the dead that takes a Lovecraftian aesthetic, with slippery tentacles or long arms reaching down from above.

To add to the fright, some children live in unstable homes where food is hard to come by.

Widely regarded as one of the first rappers, Jackson started talking between songs as a cure for her stage fright.

Liszt looked at it, and to her fright and dismay cried out in a fit of impatience, "No, I won't hear it!"

The performers and the nuns nearly died of fright, believing that their last hour had surely come.

I am thankful that prolonged mourning is out of date; it made a fright of me and was getting on my nerves.

Winifred, naturally a high-spirited and lively girl, soon recovered from the fright of that fateful Sunday evening.

Frantic with fright, she implored her Maker to have mercy on her, remarking at the same time, "The devil has got me at last."

"That's right, too," agreed Mollie, a prickly sensation of pure fright tickling the roots of her hair.

And there, to be frank, she forgot her fright in as bitter a tribute of seasickness as even the channel has ever exacted.