Fearlessness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Fearlessness:

In the last century, traditional media institutions have been fearless in standing up to powerful businesses and Presidents, fighting in court for free speech while individual journalists have gone to jail to protect their sources.

Now, more than ever, the world requires fearless, independent journalism.

It was curious to see several birds flying about him; or settled on his back, exhibiting the most perfect fearlessness.

She must learn some of your fearlessness and faith, and make the best of things.

As for Tharn—he strode toward the elevated throne with all of Sadu's majestic fearlessness.

His resolution to lead the charge at the Bloody Angle--rashness for once--shows fearlessness.

Hence their hostility and fearlessness of man, due as much to hunger, as to any natural ferocity.

Her hold over him seemed magical—a hold the secret of which, one would say, was the fearlessness of her abuse.

I read it first when I was a cub pilot, read it with fear and hesitation, but marveling at its fearlessness and wonderful power.

But, perhaps, in her very fearlessness he recognized a touch of his own inflexible nature.