Boldness [noun]

Definition of Boldness:


Synonyms of Boldness:

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Sentence/Example of Boldness:

Our portfolio included five “bold bet” picks, companies with higher-risk profiles.

We take the bold move to flag it, label it so that people have the appropriate context that this is indeed an example of a violation, so people can look at that content in light of that understanding.

These companies are taking increasingly bold measures to ban certain kinds of fake news and extremist groups, and they’re using technology to filter out misinformation before humans can see it.

There has been kind of a quiet, but not very bold conversation on the Republican side about some sort of price on carbon — or some sort of action around trying to remove carbon from the atmosphere — which is a big discussion.

Bring the drama with these seven bold lip hues from some of your beauty faves like YSL Beauty, Smashbox, MAC and Maybelline.

We have to put forth a bold agenda, a bold vision, one that meets the needs of the American people.

Each tale is paired with a bold and vibrant illustration by artist Jamilla Okubo.

It’s time to start thinking that we as a region deserve bold ideas, and I’m honored to be a small part of that.

You had state leaders looking at the election and deciding it was not worth taking bold, unpopular moves against the virus that might save lives but hurt your side politically.

She also loves incorporating bold colors, graphic wallpapers and fun patterns in her designs.