Adventurousness [noun]

Definition of Adventurousness:


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Sentence/Example of Adventurousness:

The first relationship has the secure basis of conjugal duty, the second the daring adventurousness of romantic passion.

His written style had traits of the same bold adventurousness, but it was his speech which was most captivating.

But from this moment, his pride, and the lofty adventurousness of his spirit, were effectually subdued.

Their marriage, entered into with such, headlong adventurousness, seemed to unfold daily into more perfect bloom.

Fletcher was a bold and skilful swimmer, and on at least two occasions his adventurousness nearly cost him his life.

He represented the spirit of national unrest and adventurousness, which James abhorred.

He is a little too effusive, a little too self-conscious in his adventurousness.

What has not man effected by the boldness of his conceptions and the adventurousness of his spirit?

Thus a certain adventurousness in Terry may perhaps be accounted for.

Was it the new adventurousness that beckoned her on, instead?