Audacity [noun]

Definition of Audacity:

recklessness, daring

Synonyms of Audacity:

Opposite/Antonyms of Audacity:

Sentence/Example of Audacity:

Few achievements in modern science rival the speed and the audacity of the coronavirus vaccine program.

That paradigm-busting audacity has given KDP the biggest caffeine buzz in beverages.

It is the necessity and audacity not only of hope, but of beauty.

But they soon fell out, for Murat had the audacity to try and make these patriots fight instead of merely seeking plunder.

Scarce a day passed without some engagement in which the King of Naples showed his audacity and his talent as a leader.

As Marquise de Condillac it hurt her pride to listen and not have him whipped for his audacity; as a woman it insulted her.

Felizardo was remarkable for his audacity, his fine horsemanship, and his expert marksmanship.

Audacity, ever excellent in war, is sound as a proposition of Euclid in operations against Asiatics.

Therefore the Herald is going to print that wild story of Hunt's to-night and comment upon the audacity of the scheme.

And in that second little interview—about nothing, in truth—a mere piece of audacity—the lion's claws had been a good deal pared.