Gentility [noun]

Definition of Gentility:

sophistication, cultivation

Opposite/Antonyms of Gentility:

Sentence/Example of Gentility:

As well twenty times—keep it for yourself, or give it to my valet, if you are too proud of your gentility.

I knew that the gentility of the knock had taken both her and her mother aback.

In the mean time it was necessary to sacrifice something to gentility, and therefore they sat over their port wine.

Descending in the scale of what is termed gentility, I found darker and deeper themes for speculation.

He is the idol of equivocal women, and condescends to patronize unpresentable gentility-mongers.

Had my affection for him been less sincere, had I not been racked with sympathy, I had laughed over his notions of gentility.

Let her not be poor, how generous (well-born) soever; for a man can buy nothing in the market with gentility.

Why not disregard all false notions of gentility, (p. 175) and have each child well taught a manual trade?

In consequence of this, the subordinate classes, who aim at gentility, gradually fall into the same practice.

The subtle mark of Scottish gentility in the allusion to the pew will not fail to strike the reader.