Coarseness [noun]

Definition of Coarseness:

rudeness, vulgarity

Synonyms of Coarseness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Coarseness:

Sentence/Example of Coarseness:

Spray cleaners and lubricants are available to extend the lifespan of a shavers’ cutting parts and may be especially useful if you have coarse, thick hair that more quickly erodes the blades.

Staff would discourage a person from chewing on a foreign object by forcing them to hold a coarse rag dipped in a bad-tasting substance in their mouth.

To get his seasoning evenly distributed, LeRoy fills a large platter or bowl with coarse ground pepper and Diamond Crystal kosher salt and then dunks the meat until it’s coated with a thin but even layer.

Working in batches if needed, transfer the cooled bread to a food processor and pulse until the bread is ground into crumbs slightly coarser than panko.

To get around this, some studies simply exclude people with coarse, curly hair.