Roughness [noun]

Definition of Roughness:

the quality of being rough on the surface

Synonyms of Roughness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Roughness:

Sentence/Example of Roughness:

And yet sometimes the men of the sea in their roughness are imaginative.

It brought him nearer to the land, which, with all its roughness, he felt to be the true life for him.

Also remove any roughness on surface "B" caused by pliers when cover was removed.

It is a great pity you should ever be called to bear any of the roughness of life.

Vose explained that the leakage was due to the roughness of the trail.

For a time the roughness of the road required her attention.

All his roughness of the morning had disappeared, and he greeted Dan beamingly.

The making of a fortune cannot be achieved without some roughness.

But it lacked the roughness and humidity of the finest grass.

There came a new swaying that was not the roughness of the terrain.