Crack [adjective]

Definition of Crack:

super, first-rate

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Sentence/Example of Crack:

It began a crack down on the conspiracy group in July, when it banned thousands of accounts that had been spreading baseless BS which Twitter said had “the potential to lead to offline harm”.

It also introduced rules meant to crack down on the spread of misinformation through these more private networks.

The separation of phenomena by length, as quantified by the renormalization group, has allowed scientists to move gradually from big to small over the centuries, rather than cracking all scales at once.

By midmonth, the state had recorded possibly the hottest temperature ever measured on earth — 130 degrees in Death Valley — and an otherworldly storm of lightning had cracked open the sky.

So in order to crack the live-streaming commerce market in the west, he said there had to be a strong, trusted point of view to stand out.

In cracking, politicians spread voters from the opposing party across districts, blocking them from gaining a majority.

I won after three rounds but he cracked my ribs so I kind of feel like I lost.

Publishers have always created contextual private-marketplace deals, but browsers and regulators cracking down on cross-site tracking has accelerated the urgency to generate demand from contextually relevant buyers in all environments.

Johnson remained isolated in her bedroom, the door cracked open so her sons could check on her.

It edged precisely, while also doing well in tough crack sizes, in a comfortable package that can be worn all day long.