Excellent [adjective]

Definition of Excellent:

superior, wonderful

Opposite/Antonyms of Excellent:

Sentence/Example of Excellent:

Though organic cotton can be a little more expensive, it’s excellent for all skin types, including those who are more sensitive.

Just because you—like me—waited until the last minute to get a Valentine’s Day gift for your significant other doesn’t mean it can’t be excellent.

Only new closer Brad Hand was just as excellent as usual in 2020, leading the American League in saves.

Duplex, for example, in its early days came under criticism for how its excellent quality might actually be deceptive, because it wasn’t clear to users they were speaking to a machine logging their responses in a data harnessing exercise.

That means future Fords will feature Sync systems that use Google Maps and Android's excellent voice recognition, as well as opening up the platform to third-party developers.

Rumbling into the futureLavoué believes the main advantage of using trains is that they’re an excellent source of the types of seismic waves that propagate deep under the surface and change when they come into contact with features down there.

Dell receives near-unanimously high marks for its efficient customer service, excellent warranties and the ease and speed with which faulty products are replaced.

He followed that with excellent driving games against the Phoenix Suns, Sacramento Kings and Golden State Warriors.

The high-density foam may take longer to a break-in, but it offers excellent support for folks with back pain.

The winding road will take you through some of the most exquisite painted badlands that this park has to offer, while providing excellent opportunities for wildlife viewing.