Choice [adjective]

Definition of Choice:

best, superior

Synonyms of Choice:

Opposite/Antonyms of Choice:

Sentence/Example of Choice:

People have been forced to go online, who might not have gone there as a first choice.

The Prismacolor pencil set comes with an impressive variety of 150 colors, making this a great choice for art enthusiasts.

The economy ranks as the top issue in the state, with 27 percent of registered voters citing it as the single most important issue in their choice for president.

Zero-rating is detrimental to consumers, it compromises their freedom of choice.

He said he wants to create a “workplace of choice,” with policies that allow anyone who desires to be successful within the company to find their path.

Patients and their families make the choice that is best for them regarding hospice, including home hospice.

Cook’s first choice as head of retail in 2012, John Browett, came from the outside and clashed with a culture of customer service, which triggered his departure after less than a year.

That red-dotted highway map of traffic jams feels like a climate metaphor, too, like we’re in a narrowing funnel of choice and our pathways are closing down.

They dramatically upgraded food choices and quality, offering local favorites like beerocks and breakfast burritos, as well as really good pizza.

With some difficulty Jos explained his mother's disclaimer of the title of Senora, and the choice of names she offered to Ramona.