Elect [verb]

Definition of Elect:

select as representative; choose

Synonyms of Elect:

Opposite/Antonyms of Elect:

Sentence/Example of Elect:

They are still on Pennsylvania's ballot, but Democrats have appealed a lower court's decision to the state Supreme Court, where their party has elected a majority of the justices.

While most are partisan elected officials, they are expected to carry out policies that benefit everyone.

Democratic US presidential candidate Joe Biden has promised to make “the largest-ever investment in clean energy research and innovation” if he is elected.

The chef is focused on advocating for the industry with elected officials, pushing for government assistance, and trying to create solidarity within the sector.

California finished the year without passing major police and housing reforms but with plenty of demand that elected officials go back and complete what they started.

Only the governor can call a special session, and if he does, I will be there, ready to roll up my sleeves and do the work Californians elected me to do.

One of the pandemic's few silver linings came in late March, when elected officials put aside partisan differences to quickly pass a massive, across-the-board economic stimulus.

“I’m not sure I would have that right to ask somebody who was elected to office to resign,” he said.

The practices and ultimately the role of elected officials, businesses, and investors in addressing minority rights and race are now being called into question.

It included statements from every single elected Republican senator, disparaging the measure.