Settle [verb]

Definition of Settle:

straighten out, resolve

Opposite/Antonyms of Settle:

Sentence/Example of Settle:

"Settle the best you can," was his final direction to Coplen.

He has always been a rover, often tried to settle down but could not.

Hines turned to me and said, Go to your quarters; I will settle with you in the morning.

Promise me not to marry this man, and I will settle on you a thousand a year—safe.

Why didn't you let them bring in their police and settle us?

I am a lonely man, my sweeting, and I must settle some day when the wars are over and done.

We can't afford any scandal, so we're going to settle at your own terms.

When you come out, we'll settle who's to cook and who to wash dishes.

The easiest way to settle the question was to look at the date on the note.

Let's go and hunt him up—and we can settle about the pictures at the same time.