Regulate [verb]

Definition of Regulate:

manage, organize

Opposite/Antonyms of Regulate:

Sentence/Example of Regulate:

Millions of people must regulate their lives in fear of these dread visitors.

It should not shut the heart, but regulate the course of feeling.

The object of civil law is to regulate the relations of men to each ether.

Man contemplating the heavens is to regulate his erring life according to them.

We must regulate our proceedings by the proceedings of our Allies.

This done, he set himself to regulate the matters that remained.

Something must be done, and done without delay, to regulate the situation.

I wanted to regulate my feelings which, I told him, were in an unbecoming state of confusion.

Early attempts were made at negotiation, and to regulate trade with them.

I think I should be told, and then left to regulate my own ways accordingly.