Damage [noun]

Definition of Damage:

injury, loss

Opposite/Antonyms of Damage:

Sentence/Example of Damage:

The company says it can scan an entire vehicle for damage using a smartphone camera in around 60 seconds, calculating cost of repair on the fly.

Violations have prompted other citizen group lawsuits like the one against Bluestone and scientific studies that warned of stream damage from the selenium discharged by mining operations.

Each one did billions of dollars of damage to buildings, roads and other property.

To take just one example, the devastating Wine Country Fires in October 2017 did more than $9 billion worth of damage in a single month.

WeatherCheck, cofounded by Y Combinator graduates Demetrius Gray and Jermaine Watkins, identifies weather-related property damage so that homeowners can file claims with their insurers.

It’s our first look at where the virus has been doing the most damage and moving.

Young suffered brain damage during his heart transplant operation, and the medical team believed he would never wake up again, Chen’s reporting found.

While the law’s days appear numbered, it’s done plenty of damage in recent history.

The “Compañia General de Tabacos” lost about ₱30,000 in cash in addition to the damage done to their offices and property.

Never grasp a Fern plant from above and try to pull it away, as this will be almost sure to result in damage.