Catastrophe [noun]

Definition of Catastrophe:

calamity; unhappy conclusion

Opposite/Antonyms of Catastrophe:

Sentence/Example of Catastrophe:

Both are important, but the focus of this piece is preventing further catastrophe.

Those factors have lead to a surge in trading for catastrophe bonds in the past few days, according to Artemis.

We’ve shown that there are lots of smart, relatively cheap things we can do now to reduce the risk of another catastrophe like this one.

The public health crisis has led to an economic catastrophe.

Once again the federal government is fumbling its response to a catastrophe that disproportionately affects Black people, and once again officials are using stories about looting to place the blame on Black victims of police violence.

To others the fierce desire for social justice obliterates all fear of a general catastrophe.

This may be called the first day of the revolution, although the object of the meeting was to prevent such a catastrophe.

On one hand is the yawning gulf of social catastrophe represented by socialism.

To say that the party looked aghast at this sudden catastrophe, would be to give but a feeble idea of the state of their minds.

The risk of such a catastrophe might perhaps be avoided, if she would consent to leave the stage and live entirely in Russia.