Curtains [noun]

Definition of Curtains:

the end

Synonyms of Curtains:

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Sentence/Example of Curtains:

Judy, already tucked inside her mosquito-curtains, was nearly asleep.

Large divans of the richest crimson and violet brocades lined the walls, while ample curtains of the same served in lieu of doors.

But, later, he grew afraid of the shadows of window-curtains and the flapping of doors and the creaking of shutters.

As a consequence several varieties of curtains, all involving the use of asbestos, have been contrived.

So it was he who in turn mounted the ladder, unhooking pictures and curtains, and dislodging ornaments as Edna directed.

The dust in the curtains, if you will pardon me for hinting such a thing, has parched my throat to a crisp.

The firelight played on the lace curtains of the baby's bed, as it did on Lady Hartledon's face; a thoughtful face just now.

He pulled the curtains apart and shading his eyes from the light of the room looked down towards the city.

The flies buzzed in and out, and the window curtains moved gently in the breeze.

The window curtains are drawn aside, exposing me to the full glare of the sunlight.