Extinction [noun]

Definition of Extinction:

dying out

Synonyms of Extinction:

Opposite/Antonyms of Extinction:


Sentence/Example of Extinction:

Given that the coronavirus is a novel virus, we need to ensure that our at-risk wild animal and sea life populations do not experience massive die-offs or suffer extinctions because we failed to act to protect them.

But, there’s still the chance that humans played their part in knocking the animals into extinction, as a sort of one-two punch.

Based on the new study, he says, “there is no evidence so far of human hunting being a deciding factor in woolly rhino extinction.”

How or whether volcanic activity in India around the same time as the impact exacerbated the climate change and mass extinction remains controversial.

It came after the mass extinction that finished off the dinosaurs.

Poor brutes, they deserved a better fate than the cruel method of extinction which Turkish rule administered.

With the extinction of the lights on the other boat came at last deeper night to her aid.

I am bored to death, to extinction; my thoughts are the colour of that water which flows over yonder, brackish and heavy.

You must remember that the next war between France and Germany must mean extinction for one.

Further difficulties now arose which led finally to the extinction of the company.