Elimination [noun]

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Sara Duncan, spokesperson for the Oregon Forest & Industries Council, the state’s largest timber lobbying group, said officials were still evaluating bills that propose the elimination of OFRI and had no comment on them.

I remember year after year of trying to understand the difference between a layoff and the elimination of an unfilled position or of a filled position but the person doesn’t lose their job.

By process of elimination, that left axions as kind of the last man standing.

Currently, the legislative filibuster has remained in place, despite elimination by both Democratic and Republican leaders of the filibuster for judicial nominees.

Despite the elimination of preseason games this season, Laviolette said he isn’t too concerned about getting a fair evaluation of his No.

The Vikings, at 6-8, are clinging to the slimmest of postseason hopes after losing what amounted to a playoff elimination game Sunday against the Chicago Bears.

A hard lockdown in the early stages of the virus gives a chance for elimination, and that gives the chance for business certainty and a full recovery.

It was cool and all, but it merely staved off elimination, tied the series at 3 and delayed the pain until the Wizards fell apart in Game 7.

Its elimination may help clarify exactly what Nikola is trying to accomplish, even if it means scaling back the company’s ambitions.

The “too big to fail” problem would be greatly diminished with the elimination of universal banks and the likely disappearance of shadow banks.