Withdrawal [noun]

Definition of Withdrawal:

removal; retraction

Synonyms of Withdrawal:

Opposite/Antonyms of Withdrawal:

Sentence/Example of Withdrawal:

At length the withdrawal was completed, and the brigade returned to camp.

Let me have your note of withdrawal before you leave town this afternoon.

This firm was dissolved in 1865, by the withdrawal of Mr. Thatcher.

Her withdrawal had hinted at other things besides disease and pain.

The case had been dropped: the Honorable Heman had announced its withdrawal.

Withdrawal from a position of that kind is ever fraught with loss of dignity.

There was a long silence after the junior partner's withdrawal.

But with the withdrawal of this Strammers Lady Mary's manner changed.

There was no hint of coquettish hesitation in its withdrawal.

They helped to put a bit of ginger into the withdrawal of the guns.