Revocation [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Revocation:

But, how, on this revocation of my appointment, shall I be able to pacify him?

He was anxious lest it should prove to be a revocation of the former offer.

This deed of revocation was handed to the judge and to the jury, that it might be examined.

The edict of revocation was enforced with the utmost severity.

All that was wanted now was a revocation of the dismissal that Mr. Fern had pronounced.

The Revocation was also approved by those who wished to buy land cheap.

The Revocation was apparently approved by all, excepting the Huguenots.

But, just as she had known, this revocation has consoled her.

It is said the Roman King Ferdinand is urging the revocation of the order.

Does England find inadequate the "manner" of the French Revocation?