Retraction [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Retraction:

But I still bear the scar of a wound that would be the better for the balm of your retraction.

There shall be no diminution of my love, no retraction of my promises.

Thus it was not owing to any retraction of his gift, or reconsideration of it, that he demurred.

She was inclined to batter her into a retraction; it would have relieved her own feelings.

He often advanced by retreating, and asserted by retraction.

"Say but one word of retraction, sir," resumed the young officer.

He charged him with it, and the other denied the charge and demanded a retraction.

Retraction of the abdomen is common, but there may be tympanites.

You have demanded a retraction of a charge made by us or satisfaction.

Where it can be made, the apology and retraction must be full, fair, prompt.