Disavowal [noun]

Definition of Disavowal:

contradiction, denial

Synonyms of Disavowal:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disavowal:

Sentence/Example of Disavowal:

Coming as it did in the wake of the Penguin update, many people saw disavowal as an easy way to remove spammy backlinks from their site’s profile, encouraging the revised algorithm to look more kindly upon their sites.

He, however, afterward retracted this disavowal, and owned Demaratus as his son.

Not being able to obtain such a disavowal, he pretended that he had actually obtained it.

These were followed by a partial and temporary suspension only, without any disavowal of the principle.

No, sir, the want of powers on the part of Mr. Erskine is not the true cause of the disavowal.

Mr. Jackson, though expressly enumerating the only causes which led to a disavowal, does not suggest this.

Why is there so much disavowal and abnegation in your hearts?

This change in the British system places them in a truly contemptible light, since it is a direct disavowal of their assertion.

They embolden to further abuse, and they weaken both the power and the effect of disavowal.

It is true he was disavowed, but the disavowal was accompanied by no objections to the law as a threat.