Nothingness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Nothingness:

He will pass to the dark realm of nothingness, but will not find me there.

But the new voice was stilled into nothingness by the shrill, reawakening falsetto.

Afterwards all these impressions blended into one nothingness.

On the other side this life is a nothingness so large that you will be as nothing in it.

What a consciousness of his own nothingness, and of his sins!

The clearing and the hut, with smoke billowing from it, dropped into nothingness.

The dead are dead, and the living are alive; and between them is a gulf—an abyss of nothingness.

Herein is seen the true cleverness of a man, and also his nothingness and want of manhood.

The nothingness of man against the pitilessness of fate made all the world a blank.

But now I was utterly alone, I was in the presence of nothingness.