Smallness [noun]

Definition of Smallness:


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Sentence/Example of Smallness:

That which added to the cruelty was, the smallness of the fire.

Was this a trifle, which only the Gholson-like smallness of my soul made spectral?

Parvus means small; so named from the smallness of the plant.

But is this equally true of the greatness and smallness of the fingers?

Then smallness cannot be in the whole of one, but, if at all, in a part only?

If, then, smallness is present in the one it will be present either in the whole or in a part of the whole?

Then that which has greatness and smallness also has equality, which lies between them?

Then the one, if of such a nature, has greatness and smallness?

He suffered greatly from the smallness of remittances he was able to send his daughter.

What astonished me was the smallness, the dirt, the want of dignity of the room itself.