Scantiness [noun]

Definition of Scantiness:


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Sentence/Example of Scantiness:

Once or twice he had shaken his head at the scantiness of all their provisions for life.

"In the scantiness of your raiment, Citoyenne," he answered acidly.

Knowing the scantiness of the Oriental breakfast, we are not surprised.

Their scantiness of raiment, it is pleaded in their behalf, is due in no sense to immodesty.

But his courage and activity made up for the scantiness of his resources.

Wild reindeer had made up for the scantiness of their food supply.

He wondered why he was now recognizing this scantiness, this lack in his life.

But this scantiness of information need not cause us much regret.

I remarked about the scantiness of the meals to the manager.

One is perpetually surprised at the scantiness of the attire of those days.