Affluence [noun]

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A native of Ashtabula, Ohio, on the shores of Lake Erie, he grew up in relative affluence, insulated from the struggles of a region in the throes of a massive steel industry contraction.

Interestingly enough, in spite of his affluence, Iucundus was not actually member of the ruling political elite of Pompeii.

Suffice it to say, the neighborhood with its easy access to the city’s commercial facilities translates to the affluence of Iucundus and the opulence of his house.

From affluence he came to want, and in his old age a fund was raised sufficient to purchase him an annuity of £600 a year.

(p. 243) Snuff-manufacturing has in some cases been attended with considerable affluence.

The change which Mrs. —-- experienced was from affluence to abject poverty, from power to sudden helplessness.

Such an offer meant affluence to a needy household like ours, in those days especially.

The affluence of beauty of some of these is indeed marvellous.

That home of affluence was not mine,—it was only the asylum of my first days of orphanage.

The towns of the old world have alternations of penury and affluence.