Prosperity [noun]

Definition of Prosperity:

affluence, good fortune

Opposite/Antonyms of Prosperity:

Sentence/Example of Prosperity:

Prosperity and power—yes, they are important, and we must maintain them.

Prosperity and health are despised, and joy begins with privations which kill the body.

Prosperity and civilization are far from being synonymous terms.

Prosperity should enable us to put away a reserve for the hard times.

Soon afterward he died, muttering: "Prosperity has ruined my country!"

Prosperity, or the semblance of it, came in like a sudden flood.

Prosperity to thine and thy son's for ever and ever, O mighty Vikram!

Grandeur seemed embodied there, and Prosperity had made it her own.

Prosperity is no more of a cure for these than for sickness and death.

Prosperity and freedom from care are the elements on which he thrives serenely.