Victory [noun]

Definition of Victory:

win, success

Synonyms of Victory:

Opposite/Antonyms of Victory:

Sentence/Example of Victory:

But what is the real value, what will be the consequences, of our victory?

Every victory for human freedom will be a victory for world peace.

In January, 1876, the Herzegovinians gained a victory over the Turkish troops.

The victory which is merely a walk-over is scarcely a victory.

"Nobody but you and me," Burke declared, all agog with anticipation of victory at last.

A tide of secret joy swept through him, as he realized his victory.

For the cross, if you wish to define it, is the confirmation of victory.

When the game was over, he bought drinks to celebrate his victory.

The Syracusans lost no time in turning their victory to account.

There was no word of the bank episode, nothing but a paean of victory.