Laurels [noun]

Definition of Laurels:

credit, praise

Synonyms of Laurels:

Opposite/Antonyms of Laurels:

Sentence/Example of Laurels:

We shall, I know, emulate their steadfastness and achieve a result which will confer added laurels to French and British arms.

Castiglione added to his laurels, for it was his handling of the artillery that enabled Augereau to win his great victory.

The conflict was at an end, he was the victor in the fight, he could rest upon his laurels and take life easy.

He was a general in the United States army, and won laurels in the Mexican war.

No man of heathen antiquity is better known to us, and no man by pure genius ever won more glorious laurels.

They parted; she to enter the house, he to make his way through the roses and laurels to the terrace at the back.

On the side of the garden facing the church, was a little entrance-gate, amid the clusters of laurels and other shrubs.

I stood back amid the sheltering laurels, hardly daring to breathe.

The Crown retired from the suit with a stet processus, and Mr. Bradlaugh was left with the laurels—and his costs.

Gliding out of the bushy laurels on one side the path, and planting herself right in front of us, came Ketira the gipsy.