Kudos [noun]

Definition of Kudos:

praise, acclaim

Synonyms of Kudos:

Opposite/Antonyms of Kudos:

Sentence/Example of Kudos:

For Kum Kale and for what he has done, suffered and lost he deserves great Kudos in his country.

It was certainly a sporting method, and the hunter got many skins and much local kudos, the latter being certainly well earned.

Well, I don't say I mayn't have got a certain amount of what they call "kudos," owing to Andromeda.

And compared with the kudos that would be hers, even the foregone royalty fell away into the background.

Much kudos has accrued to Mr. Kruger for his magnanimity and much profit for his astuteness!

It brought them a quicker kudos, and was so much more visible to the naked eye.

As an official, Chn Tz-ang once gained great kudos by a truly Solomonic decision.

Lyell has read about half of the volume in clean sheets, and gives me very great kudos.

It may be doubted whether either for tennis' sake or 'kudos' such a contest under such conditions is wise.

I now sit crowned with laurel and literally exulting in kudos.