Dishonor [noun]

Definition of Dishonor:

state of shame

Synonyms of Dishonor:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dishonor:

Sentence/Example of Dishonor:

Better her death, better mine, better the destruction of us all, than such dishonor to the purest thing heaven ever made.

Nor have you denied this; you have confessed you desired his hurt, you have boasted you desired his death and dishonor.

She did not relish the idea that he had been defeated in the primaries; in her mind defeat was inseparable from dishonor.

He even took advantage of Qocaib's absence to dishonor his wife, who bore him a son.

A being so gentle and so virtuous, slander might wound but could not dishonor.

If anyone wants dishonor he'll have to earn it all over again.

Do not dishonor its holy character; do not faint upon the way.

Or, do you think it a dishonor to man to say to him that Death is but only Rest?

The tyrants allured them to dishonor by threats and rewards.

He had full proof of her dishonor, and he would have nothing more to do with her.