Ignominy [noun]

Definition of Ignominy:

offensive behavior

Synonyms of Ignominy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ignominy:


Sentence/Example of Ignominy:

The best thing might be to let him simply leave in ignominy.

The Avengers are assembling to protect Chris Pratt from the ignominy of being declared the worst of the Hollywood Chrises.

Her cousin had only forced a solemn promise from her with the intention of covering her own ignominy.

He had to hold himself from the ignominy of flight; he rose to cut his way out, making an effort to strike with precision.

On a quarrel between him and the Swiss Valet de Chambre, both were dismissed, the one with honour, the other with ignominy.

By what law, then, do we act, when we treat with so much contempt women fallen into ignominy?

Upon them, at least, would not fall the ignominy of having been led into the simplest of traps by this white-faced Delilah.

Mallock flushed under the ignominy of this threat, and muttered his conviction that Michael was talking through his hat.

Stover was too firmly persuaded of the enormity of his offense and the depth of his ignominy.

Our very young contributor will consider himself dismissed with such ignominy as is implied by our frantic indifference.