Meanness [noun]

Definition of Meanness:

the quality of being mean

Opposite/Antonyms of Meanness:

Sentence/Example of Meanness:

But he was a generous man and all meanness of spirit was foreign to his soul.

Still, I don't mind that, only as an indication of his meanness.

There are depths of meanness in your character, Renny, that I never suspected.

Oh, how you must have despised me for the folly, the meanness of my suspicions!

She despised herself for the meanness of her passion, and Joseph for its ill success.

All I can promise is to preserve my mind from the meanness of suspicion.

It is here that the narrowness of the mind of woman is revealed in all its meanness.

Sir, to leave things out of a book because they will not be believed, is meanness.

But prayer as a means to effect a private end is meanness and theft.

There seems to be no interval between greatness and meanness.